The Body Struggle is Real.

Hours upon hours a day. “Pull up, suck in, belly’s in, straighten your legs, head up, chin up, tail bone under, shoulders back, shoulders down, push up, longer, stronger, lengthen, higher, faster…” Always comparing yourself to the next girl. Always a competition.

This is just the reality of it. Dance has been my entire life and I would not change one thing about it. But, the reality is.. my sense of what my body has looked like over the years is incredibly… skewed.

My thighs are too much thigh. My butt has too much cellulite. My hips are too wide. My belly is too fat. I have too many rolls. When I lift my arms they look too big. When I walk my legs touch. My arms are too long. My hands are too big. My scoliosis makes my left shoulder higher and that’s not pretty. Every single time I see it, it bothers me. My boobs definitely weren’t big enough. My lips are too small, my nose is too stuck up, my eyebrows aren’t perfect.

God forbid you allow people to love their bodies the way they are.

I would be devastated if I went the route I have my whole life and hated my body for what it looked like instead of what it is capable of.. For once..

It’s a work in progress I guess. Loving your body the way it is.

Loving what it is in the present. Loving what it is capable of.



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